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27 Keto Snacks Recipes

by Sophie

Snacking is not difficult in the Keto diet if you know what to eat, and here I have these 27 awesome vegetarian and vegan Keto snacks recipes to keep your snack game on. BONUS: I am including carb count so that you can plan your Keto snacking really well.

27 keto vegetarain snacks

27 Keto Snacks Recipes – 8g & under Carbs:

1. Keto Cauliflower Queso:

This instant pot recipe is a family favorite and at #1 on my list of Keto Snacks recipes. It’s creamy, cheesy and delicious. And I have a recipe video for it. This recipe is just 5.6 grams of total carbs per serving and loaded with the goodness of cauliflower and herbs.

What to serve with Keto Queso?

Coconut flour chips, celery sticks, avocado slices, broccoli, and cauliflower florets, carrots if not strict Keto and my easy Keto crackers. Get the recipe by clicking on the below “check out this recipe button.”

Keto Cauliflower Queso
Make this amazing keto cauliflower queso with just few ingredients, in your instant pot and in less than five minutes. Tastes amazing, just as the real thing, yet so low in carb and has 95% vegetables.
Check out this recipe
Keto cauliflower queso dip

2. Cauliflower Lettuce Wrap – IP & PF Changs

If you love the idea of a meat-free lettuce wrap made in instant pot under 5-minutes, then this recipe is for you. It is made from instant pot Cauliflower rice, it’s quick and super delicious. And, I have a cool recipe video for it. Check it out.

How many carbs in Cauliflower Lettuce Wraps?

It’s just 12.2 grams of carb per serving and 3 grams of fiber. This lettuce wrap is also a very low-calorie snack or meal to add to your diet plan. I love this wrap, especially during my intermittent fasting days. Click on the below “check out this recipe button.”

Cauliflower Lettuce Wrap
My version of vegan keto cauliflower lettuce wrap is perfectly spiced, has a great texture and tastes out-of-this-world. Plus, it can be made in the instant pot.
Check out this recipe
easy cauliflower rice chinese style lettuce wrap

3. Easy Keto Crackers

This vegan, keto cracker made from almond flour, flax and sunflower seeds, chia and spices not only taste great, but it is also super yum. Making these crackers are easy, and I have a detailed step-by-step recipe for it.

How many carbs in Easy Keto Crackers?

Each serving of keto crackers has 7.9 grams of carbs with 6.1g of fibers. Here is the recipe. Click on the below “check out this recipe button.”

Easy Keto Crackers
Easy keto crackers are one of my favorites. These are super easy to make, no fancy ingredients in the list and tasty on the palate. This cracker recipe also suits a vegan, plant-based and paleo lifestyle. Considering its nutrition facts and taste, I must say this recipe is a keeper. 
Check out this recipe
easy keto cracker

4. Vegan Keto Falafel

This recipe is super versatile, which means you can use it as a meal or as an appetizer. Wrap these in lettuce leaves, top with tahini and enjoy as a falafel wrap or just relish a few with your favorite dip.

How many carbs in vegan keto falafel?

Each serving of vegan keto falafel has 15.3g of total carbs with 8.3g of fiber. The serving size is 4 falfels with tahini. If you want to make this yum keto snacks now, here is the recipe. Click on the below “check out this recipe button.”

Vegan Keto Falafel
Easy vegan keto falafel made from cauliflower, spices and low-carb almond and coconut flour. It's hearty, healthy and delicious.
Check out this recipe
vegan keto falafel made from cauliflower and spices

5. Pickled Jalapenos

If you are wondering how pickled jalapenos in this list of keto snacks, then hear me loud. I love pickled jalapenos a lot. If you don’t, use them to make some bacon-wrapped jalapenos. Vegans and vegetarians feel free to use coconut bacon, cheddar cheese and almond meal to make a quick popper. Or just snack as it is with some cheese dip.

How many carbs in pickled jalapenos?

These vinergary, tart peppers have just 3.3g carbs per serving. Feel free to use them just the way you want or just snack them with some cheddar cheese. Click on the below “check out this recipe button” to get the recipe.

How to Make Pickled Jalapenos
Quick and easy Mexican pickled jalapenos ready in just 1-minute. Learn how to make pickled jalapenos in instant pot.
Check out this recipe
How to make pickled jalapenos

6. Almond Butter

Whether you are keto or not, you should always include this nut butter as a snack. These homemade spread/butter has good fats, protein and antioxidants. Enjoy a spoonful of almond butter as a snack or eat them with some apple, pear or celery slices.

How many carbs in Almond Butter?

A tablespoon of almond butter has 3.7g of carbs with 2.1g of dietary fiber. To get the recipe, click on the below “check out this recipe button.”

Easy Almond Butter
All you need is three cups of good-quality almonds for this awesome, nutty, creamy and smooth almond butter. Make it today and enjoy using this in dressings, baking, cooking or eat it just like that.
Check out this recipe
Almond butter

7. Keto Energy Balls – Thandai Keto Ladoo

Energy balls are easy-to-pack and carry snacks that you can always keep with yourself. My version of keto energy balls are Indian festive-sweet inspired ladoos. It’s made from almond flour, saffrons, a mixture of spices and chopped nuts.

How many carbs in Thandai Keto Ladoo/Keto Energy Balls?

Enjoy these energy bites or energy balls that has just 3.2g of carbs and 1.5gs of dietary fiber. Click on the below “check out this recipe button” to get the recipe.

Thandai Keto Ladoo
Happy Holi everyone and let’s celebrate this festival of colors with these delicious, sinfully healthy tThandai Keto Ladoo. And, it’s vegan.
Check out this recipe
Thandai Keto Ladoo

8. Spiced Kale Chips

Kale chips - keto snacks recipes

Baked kale chips is one of the best, easiest and yum keto snacks on our list of 27 Best Keto Snacks recipes. This is light, spicy and crispy – very similar to regular chips.

How many carbs in Spiced Kale Chips?

A serving (1/2 cup) of baked kale chips has only 7.7g of carb and 2.2g of dietary fiber. Click on the below “check out this recipe button” and get the recipe.

Spiced Kale Chips
Super crispy, quick to make and addictive: that’s all I have to say for these kale chips. Include these super greens in your diet today!
Check out this recipe
Kale chips

9. Baked Zucchini Chips

Yes, zucchini chips is real and it tastes so so good. It’s light, airy, healthy and keto. It does take some time to cook the perfect zucchini chips, but it’s so worth of your time.

How many Carbs in Baked Zucchini Chips?

Just 4.7g of carb per serving and 1.7g of fiber. Here is my version of salt and vinegar zucchini chips. Click on the below “check out this recipe button.”

Baked Zucchini Chips
All I can say about these thin, crispy, and tasty chips is impossible to resist. You can make these in the conventional oven or dehydrator. I am sure that these can be cooked in an air fryer too. Have some extra zucchini in your refrigerator? Make some zucchini chips today!
Check out this recipe
Baked Zucchini chips

10. 2-minute Creamy Avocado Dressing with Quick Garden Salad

Creamy avocado dressing
Creamy avocado dressing

A salad as a snack? Well, why not? After all, we are aiming at eating healthy for real. This quick garden salad has some blanched veggies, fresh berries and a generous dollop of my avocado dressing. It’s tasty, healthy and very satisfying.

How many carbs in Avocado Dressing?

Imagine a dressing with just 2.6g of total carb per serving. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s my version of avocado dressing. Click on the below “check out this recipe button” to get the recipe.

2-minute Creamy Avocado Dressing with Quick Garden Salad
Enjoy this healthy and creamy avocado dressing with tacos, salads, burgers and even with chips. This is super easy and super healthy, and just takes two minutes of your time!
Check out this recipe
Creamy avocado dressing

11. Berry Smoothie:

Berry smoothie

I can’t say enough about this yum smoothie, which has berries, and some more berries, plus some more berry toppings. This is one of those easy, blender recipes that you will want to make again and again. To make it keto, add 1/2 tbsp of MCT powder, 1 scoop of organic protein powder and a pinch of stevia and no frozen banana. Click on the below “check out this recipe button.”

Very Berry smoothie
This power-packed smoothie contains a medley of berries, vegan milk and super food powder. Perfect for breakfast or even as a healthy snack. Make it today!
Check out this recipe
Healthy smoothies

12. Keto Cauliflower Tabbouleh:

This Keto Cauliflower tabbouleh recipe is not my invention, but an experiment that I did to recreate my favorite middle eastern tabbouleh. Just like the original dish, my cauliflower hemp tabbouleh is grainy, light and very very delicious. 

How many carbs in Keto cauliflower tabbouleh?

A single serving (2 cups) of tabbouleh has 9g of total carb. Get the recipe by clicking below.

Keto Cauliflower Tabbouleh
Easy Keto cauliflower tabbouleh with cauliflower rice and hemp seeds and oil-free dressing. Here I have an easy to follow process and a video recipe.
Check out this recipe
Keto cauliflower tabbouleh ingredients, easy to follow process and a video recipe

13. Seasoned Keto Crackers:

keto crackers
Image courtesy Mad Creations Hub

These yum seasoned keto crackers by Mad Creations Hub are keto, easy and delicious. Enjoy them with cheese or some cauliflower hummus. A single serving has 3g of carbs. Click on the below link to get the recipe and for detailed nutritional info.

Seasoned Keto Crackers
Easy seasoned keto crackers, perfect for snacking with cheese or your favorite dip.
Check out this recipe
keto crackers

14. Roasted Cauliflower Hummus:

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus
Image Courtesy – Wholesome Yum

Wholesome Yum’s amazing roasted cauliflower hummus is a great snack for those on keto. It’s hearty, has a very nice roasted flavor and satisfying. A serving of this yum hummus has just 4g of carb.

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus
Easy, roasted cauliflower hummus that will satisfy your snack cravings.
Check out this recipe
Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

15. Instant Pot Egg Bites:

Instant pot egg bites
Image Courtesy – Recipes From A Pantry

These melt-in-mouth, instant pot egg bites are from Recipes from a Pantry. These cute egg bites are protein-packed, easy to make and have only 4g of carbs. Get the recipe here.

Instant Pot Egg Bites
Easy, velvety egg bites made in instant pot. Perfect for keto snacking
Check out this recipe
Instant pot egg bites

16. Baked Cucumber Chips:

Baked cucumber chips
Recipe Courtesy – Low-Carb Yum

Low Carb Yum’s Baked cucumber chips are easy to make, baked and satisfy your chips cravings. And guess what, a single serving has just 1 g of carb. Click below to check out this recipe.

Baked Cucumber Chips
Easy, baked cucumber chips are perfect crunchy snacks for everyday keto dieters.
Check out this recipe
Baked cucumber chips

17. Diet Pani Puri:

Cucumber keto pani puris are made from organic cucumber, and filled with cauliflower, hemp, peanut and veggies mixtures.

How many carbs in Keto Pani Puri?

Total carbs per serving is 11g with 6.2g of dietary fiber. Click below to get the recipe.

Diet, Low-carb, and Healthy Pani Puri
These yummy pani puris are made from organic cucumber. All you need to do is wash and peel the cucumbers, core them to remove the seeds and stuff them with the pani puri stuffing and they are ready. The pani or the tangy and spicy water for the diabetic pani puri is made from the cucumber pulp, cilantro, mint leaves, ginger and green chili. Unlike the traditional potato stuffing, I have used boiled and smashed chickpeas with a few toppings. Or use the keto stuffing for a full-keto version.
Check out this recipe
healthy panipuri

18. Baked Cauliflower Hash Browns:

When I made this recipe for this first time, I was so happy with the results. I often make this for my vegetarian family(with cheese) and for myself(with vegan cheese) and crave for more. Try this today, and you will not be disappointed. BONUS: It’s egg-free.

How many carbs in Cauliflower Hash Browns?

This recipe yields 6g of net carb per serving. Use almond meal or any low-carb binder for this recipe. Click below to get the recipe.

Low-carb vegan baked cauliflower hash browns
Make these Low-carb vegan baked cauliflower hash browns today and you will never buy from those fast food chains. It’s healthy, yum, quick and keto friendly.
Check out this recipe
Low-carb vegan baked cauliflower hash browns

19. Baked Keto Kachori:

This Indian street-food-inspired recipe is a keto version of the famous Indian snack – kachori. This recipe is one of my family favorite and a meal in itself. The recipe stuffing uses broccoli and nuts, but hey, you can always use cauliflower, nuts, sesame and even herbs of your choice. 

How many carbs in Keto Kachori?

A single serving of keto kachori has just 1.1g net carb and loads of fiber from broccoli and physillum husks. Check the recipe below.

Low-carb baked kachori
Make these awesome and tasty low-carb baked kachori today and you will love them in each bite. It’s spicy, crispy and tastes just the way kachoris should taste.
Check out this recipe
low-carb baked kachori

20. Keto Cheese Crisp:

cheese crisps
Image Courtesy Cooking From The Pantry

All you need to make this amazing recipe is just cheese. And it takes just 10-minutes prep and make these crips. Per serving, it is just 1g net carb. Click below to get the recipe.

Keto Cheese Crisp
Enjoy these quick-cooking, cheese crisps as a keto snack. These are addictive.
Check out this recipe
cheese crisps

21. Spicy Peanut Butter:

Salty N spicy peanut butter is salted and spiced. Of course, it has some salt and spice in it. I always keep half peanut butter as it is, and use the rest half to add some flavors.

How many carbs in Salty N Spicy Peanut Butter?

Eat a tablespoon or two whenever you want or eat with some celery sticks. Each serving has just 2.0g of carb, which means it is one of the perfect keto snacks. Click below to get the recipe.

Salty N Spicy Peanut Butter
Make some homemade peanut butter today. The process takes just five minutes to prepare this smooth, creamy and salty N spicy peanut butter.
Check out this recipe
Salty n spicy peanut butter

22. Blistered Shishito Peppers:

Blistered Shishito peppers
Image Courtesy – Tasty Galaxy

It’s spicy, easy and keto-friendly. Click below to get the recipe.

Blistered Shishito Peppers
These unique keto snacks are not for pepper haters; but surprisingly, these are yum, not very hot and super low in carb.
Check out this recipe
Blistered Shishito peppers

23. Classic Keto Deviled Egg:

Classic Keto Deviled Eggs
Image Courtesy – Drive Me Hungry

These easy-to-make, classic, keto deviled eggs are yum snacks for ketoers. It’s protein-packed, quick and delicious. And, just 1g of carb. Check out the recipe below.

Classic Keto Deviled Egg
Such a yum snack for those following a strick or a lazy keto diet. This much-loved recipe is super low in carb too.
Check out this recipe
Classic Keto Deviled Eggs

24. Paleo/Keto Egg Rolls:

Keto Egg rolls
Image courtesy – iHeartumami

Paleo egg rolls by IHeartumami are keto, baked and delicious. Be creative and use some paneer or tofu stuffing or cauliflower rice mixture. Per serving, it is just 7g of carbs.

Paleo Egg Rolls
While this recipe uses meat as a filling, you can totally skip it and replace it with chopped mushrooms, cauliflower rice and walnuts.
Check out this recipe
Keto Egg rolls

25. Purslane Dip:

Purslane Dip
Recipe Courtesy – Hildaskitchenblog

This amazing dip has just 8g of carbs and goodness of Purslane. Plus, it’s keto. Click below to check the recipe.

Purslane Dip
This unique, herby dip is surprisingly low in carb. Plus, the distinct Purslane flavor adds a nice taste to this dip.
Check out this recipe
Purslane Dip

26. Roasted Celery Roots:

roasted Celery roots - keto snacks recipes
Pinit Image Courtesy – Familyonketo

It’s keto, it’s easy and it’s delicious. This unique snack has roasted hazelnut toppings. Per serving, this unique keto snack has just 8.3 net carbs. Click below to check this recipe.

Roasted Celery Root W/ Camembert and Hazelnuts
This unique dish can be served as a snack or as a side. It’s hearty, yet low in carb and delicious.
Check out this recipe
roasted Celery roots

27. Cauliflower Patties:

This patty is made from cauliflower and it is moderately spicy. It is one of the keto version of famous Indian snack – aloo tikki or popato patties. But you can modify it just the way you want and make this amazing keto cauliflower patties to eat with cheese sauce, use as a burger patty with salads or with keto bread.

How many carbs in Cauliflower Patties?

Per serving of cauliflower patties, it’s just 1.7g of net carb. This recipe is also loaded with tons of fibers. Click below on the “Check out the Recipe” button to get the recipe.

vegan low-carb cauliflower farali pattice/patties
These vegan low-carb cauliflower farali pattice/patties are perfect low-carb alternatives for your Navratri fasting. Still yum and super nutritious!
Check out this recipe
vegan low-carb cauliflower farali pattice/patties
27 easy vegetarian and vegan keto snacks recipes that you will love. #veganrecipes #ketorecipes #ketosnacks

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What snacks can I have on the Keto Diet?

Enjoy everything from fresh low-carb veggies to protein-packed eggs and energy balls on the keto diet. This list of 27 keto snacks recipes are appropriate for any keto dieters looking for low-carb yet yummy snacks. If you want more Bulletproof snack ideas, here are a few.

Here are some of my other Keto Roundups that you will love.

Hope you enjoyed the list of 27 Keto Snacks Recipes and feel inspired. Don’t forget to visit Mydaintysoulcurry’s Keto Veg Recipe index to find many new keto and vegan keto recipe inspirations.

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Colleen August 19, 2019 - 4:56 pm

What a great roundup of keto friendly snacks. They all look amazing, but I especially love those cauliflower hash browns, so I’ll be making that one first!

Laura August 20, 2019 - 2:00 pm

I’m always looking for healthy snack ideas and this post has so many! I’m sure I’ll be coming back to this post again and again. Thanks for creating such a helpful resource!

Kelly Anthony August 20, 2019 - 2:01 pm

What a great collection of keto snacks. This is a great resource to find the perfect snack for whatever you are craving.

Stine Mari August 20, 2019 - 2:30 pm

What an amazing collection of snacks, they all look delicious – for people not on keto diet as well!

shobee August 21, 2019 - 10:19 am

What a great Keto list. My daughter and co worker are in Keto diet, and thought that this list is very useful. I am intimidated by the Keto diet, thinking it cn be expensive,but this list proved me otherwise. Love it.

Amanda August 21, 2019 - 11:12 am

What a great list! I guess I need to get to work and start making my way through these recipes. They all sound delicious.

Danielle August 21, 2019 - 1:16 pm

Fantastic roundup! I think I won’t need to search for another snack recipe for quite some time now because this covers a lot! Baked Keto Kachori is defiinitely the first recipe I want to try!

Karyl Henry August 23, 2019 - 7:29 am

What a great lineup of recipes! I don’t follow the Keto diet, but I could easily incorporate a whole bunch of these into my snack routine. And I’ll definitely be sharing the list with my friends who do follow it.

Renu August 23, 2019 - 9:17 am

That is a wonderful collection of keto recipes. I am bookmarking this as when I was scrolling through the list, I was opening almost all the recipes.

Jacqui Debono August 23, 2019 - 9:54 am

So many good ideas here -I am always looking for healthy snacks that I can keep on hand for when I am sat at the computer for long stretches! The cauliflower patties will be great for lunches too (I bet they freeze well).

Erika August 23, 2019 - 6:49 pm

This is a great roundup. So many awesome snack ideas, and love that they are healthy.

Rebecca Blackwell August 23, 2019 - 8:51 pm

I have a good friend who was just complaining to me about being bored by the keto recipes she’s been making. I just passed this roundup on to her and she is thrilled. Thanks so much for creating this list!

Lori | The Kitchen Whisperer August 24, 2019 - 11:32 am

This is awesome! So many of my readers are Keto and asking for Keto snacks. Now I have a great resource to show them! I’m loving this roundup!

Eden August 24, 2019 - 4:28 pm

These all look amazing!! The queso… oh my gosh!! I need to make it ASAP!

Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness August 24, 2019 - 8:53 pm

So many of my colleagues are going keto and are always asking for recipes. I am totally clueless when it comes to keto, but now at least I can point them towards this post!

Tammy August 25, 2019 - 2:49 pm

What a great roundup of recipes!! I went keto last year and it was tough to find acceptable snacks. Such a great and helpful post!

Kylee August 25, 2019 - 3:24 pm

I hadn’t thought keto was possible as a vegetarian, looks like i am deliciously wrong!

Jenni LeBaron August 25, 2019 - 10:31 pm

These all sound like fantastic snacks for those following a keto diet! I know it can be hard to find easy snacks, so it’s great that there are so many options here to choose from!

Jo August 26, 2019 - 3:32 am

This is the right place to find all keto snacks. The collection is amazing. So many healthy snacks to choose from. I have picked a few favorites of mine from this collection and I can’t wait to try it.

Kita Roberts August 26, 2019 - 8:44 am

There are so many ideas here that I want to make this week. Those lettuce wraps – seriously, why do I not make lettuce wraps more? And the cauliflower patties. I have never had cauliflower patties, but I love cauliflower. Excited to try these.

Lathiya September 4, 2019 - 2:46 pm

5 stars
All recipes look so good and even the person who doesn’t follow keto diet can also enjoy these recipes.


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