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My Journey With Gestational Diabetes Part-2

by Sophie

PregnancyIf you have read my first post, then you must be aware that I had gestational diabetes. This post is a continuation of my very first post on this blog: “My Journey With Gestational Diabetes.” Here is the rest part of the story. Don’t forget to check back later for more recipes and healthy tips, and if you like my page, share it on your social media platform.

Birth Story:

The evening of my hospital admission was quite memorable. To our surprise, the hospital was empty and the corridor felt dim with a very few lights on. We only saw a few staff around; thanks to the long Thanksgiving weekend. SG just joked saying that he booked the whole hospital for the arrival of our baby.

My baby girl

Perfect and precious

One moment, I was happy and ecstatic to welcome our little one. At the same time, the fear of complication, getting a baby with insulin resistance and fetal macrosomia engulfed my thoughts. Even after hours of getting pricked to administrate that Pitocin in my blood, there was no luck. The day started gloomy and frustrating. (Considering I was in labor from the last evening) There was a time, when my ob-gyn and nurse found that our baby’s response is really slow as per the readings on the neo-natal monitor. Quietly, she sat next to us and explained to us how important it is to deliver the baby through an emergency C-section if the baby’s response remains the same for the next few hours. We both looked at each other, in rather dismay and grief, thinking that gestational diabetes is ruining the happiest day in our lives.

Awe and Relief in Gestational Diabetes:

My room

They had my last name wrong

I wouldn’t have worried much if our little girl was on her 40th gestational week. “She is in her 37th week, and an emergency C-section?” Suddenly, I sank into a hollow cave of negative thoughts and felt trapped in a dark tunnel under a mountain of grief. This baby is our dream, gift from god and what not! Just because my body is unable to process that extra sugar and is not able to produce enough insulin because of my bad eating habits, ignorance, and genetic vulnerability, my little one doesn’t have to suffer. When the world comes crashing on us and makes us feel alone, helpless and broken, we feel the presence of supreme power.

With that faith and belief in God, I started holding back my negative thoughts. And when my eyes caught the sight of my grinning dear husband and a soon-to-be-father, I felt a sense of relief. Somewhere within me, there was a ray of hope, feeling of joy to embrace the lovely phase of motherhood and that strong faith to get everything right in the next few hours. SG sat next to me with my palms tucked tightly into his and awaiting for the arrival of our little one with a smiling face.

And the Ending With A New Beginning:

The next few hours went really fast. I was fully dilated and the baby was ready to venture into our world. It was a bountiful of happy feeling when I first saw our little baby, soft as cotton and precious, wrapped in a warm hospital blanket and laying her tiny body on me for that skin-to-skin experience. That moment was the most cherished moment in my life. I was happy seeing a fully-grown beautiful infant laying on me, whose heart was beating together with mine, face with beautiful features with some resembling with mine. At that point, I could feel a sense of accomplishment. I could feel the joy of success despite of all odds that SG and I had been through in the past few months in this pregnancy. And someone within me was saying this proudly:

Diabetes, I conquered you in this race,” and Yes, I did.

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Ash March 27, 2017 - 1:27 pm

I had gestational diabetes with both of my babies. It was a hard pill to swallow! Even with the appropriate diet and exercise I couldn’t get my glucose levels down, so my doctor and I decided I would have to use insulin as well.
Now, I work hard to try to continue that diet (although much more loosely than when I was pregnant) and exercise to hopefully lower my risk of type 2 diabetes in the future.
It wasn’t a fun journey! Although one plus is that I came out of both pregnancies about 15lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.

Sophie March 27, 2017 - 7:55 pm

Hey Ash,

I understand the pain. Surprisingly, I didn’t have gestational diabetes in my second pregnancy. My doc was surprised too. I think the diet plan and HIIT training helped. It is true that I am also at high risk to develop Type-2 in future, and continuing a balanced diet and exercise will certainly help delaying the thing. Fingers crossed!

two-ingredient-super-quick-healthy-vegan-nice-cream June 20, 2017 - 1:56 pm

[…] My Journey With Gestational Diabetes Part-2 […]


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