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Top Wine Choices to Pair with Curry

by Sophie

Whether you love the classic red wine or those sparkling varieties, select from the right wine choices to pair with curry for the best dining experience. And, always use a wine pourer to serve wine to your guests.

Curry is a delectable dish that is famous worldwide. Some people have intense cravings for curry because of its delectable combinations of spices excites the palate. Curry is a national dish in India and many other Asian countries like Thailand and is a dish considered as a staple and eaten every day.

Indian curry paste

Dining is an experience that requires the combination of several flavors, and many dishes will have a wine to match it, including curries. There are as many types of curries as there are many types of wines, so the choices can be confusing. To get the best dining experience, you have to be able to match and balance the flavors to create a pleasing effect on the senses.

Wine Choice to Pair with Curry:

Whether you are eating a spicy curry or a vegetable-based curry, you need to select the right wine to pair with your curry dish. Here are some ideas on how to select a wine to pair with different types of curries:

1.   The Spiciness of the Curry:

The spiciness of the curry is the deciding factor while choosing wine to pair it with. Curries range from sweet to creamy to fiery. Because of this, there are several types of white wines that can be paired with each particular curry to bring out the flavors further. Make sure to use a wine pourer when serving wine on the table to ensure accident-free wine pouring.

Vindaloo Curry with soy curls and homemade vindaloo paste

Fiery Curries go well with off-dry white wines. The white wine should be slightly sweet since it will complement the spicy food. The sweetness will tone down the burn of the curry while the fieriness of the curry will make the wine less sweet. They will be able to balance each other.

easy five minute vegan paneer masala

Mild creamy curries blend well with the flavor of dry, rich whites. The fruity flavor of unoaked Chardonnay is good for creamy curries. These types of wine come from Australia and the cooler parts of California. These wines have a body, which means they have more texture and weight in the mouth. Floral and fragrant wines are also a great pair for creamy curries. Wines such as these have the smell of rose petals and tropical fruit.

Ingredients for easy Vegan curry

If you are dealing with tomato-based curries, reds are a good pairing. Choose reds that have a fruity taste and are low tannin. The tannin is derived from the skins, seeds, and bark in plants. The tannin taste contributes to the bitterness and astringency of the wine. Grenache wine is good with fragrant and spicy curries, and they have enough acidity to match the flavor of tomatoes. New World Pinot Noir is also a good choice.

Summary: The fruity flavor of unoaked Chardonnay is good for creamy curries whereas Grenache wine is good with fragrant and spicy curries as they have enough acidity to match the flavor of tomatoes.

– Sommeliers

2.   Vegetarian Curries:

Vegan curry indian style

There really is no quick and fast rule as to pairings with vegetables. Either white wine or red wine can be a good choice depending on the type of dish. The sweetness, acidity, and robustness of the flavors should be taken into consideration when pairing a wine with a particular curry.

Spicy vindaloo should go with sweeter wines. These dishes are spicy, and the rule would be the spicier the dish, the sweeter the wine. For mild tomato-based curries, go for a dry German Riesling or Pinot Gris. A sparkling rose will also provide a good complement to the acidity of the tomato. The sweetness will be able to match the spice. If you want to have red wine with your tomato-based curry, a good choice would be light Gamay.

Coconut based korma curry should be paired with wines that are fruity and unoaked or lightly oaked like Chardonnay. It has enough body to match with creamier curries.

Yogurt curries are on the tart and sour side and go well with the similar tart flavor of Italy’s vin santo.

3.   Type of Curry Sauce:

Some would argue that the correct wine pairing with curries should depend on the flavors of the sauces. The sauce is the key to finding the right balance between curry and wine.

If you want to reduce the heat of a curry sauce, a wine that is sweeter will help lessen the heat of the dish.

It is important to choose a wine with high acidity, moderate alcohol, and low tannins. The acidity helps soothe the heat since it makes the mouth water while alcohols enhance the spicy taste in a dish.

The flavors of chili, turmeric, and ginger will especially stand out with a wine that has a high alcohol content.

Some people will find that they want to feel the heat of the curry sauce, so they should look for wines that have high alcohol content. It is good to choose wines that are younger and riper because choosing a wine with too much complexity will only be dominated by the spicy sauces of the dish.

Final Thoughts:

Wine and dish pairings are like constructing a musical piece. The different notes and flavors of both dishes and wine must enhance and complement each other to have an enjoyable meal. Curries are well-loved dishes with their own range of flavors that are a perfect match for the complex taste of wine.

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